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Hello and welcome to Hardstone,


I'm Tom McKiernan, President and CEO of Hardstone Capital, an entrepreneurial corporate finance boutique that I founded in 1997. 

I have over 50 years of Wall Street and entrepreneurial business experience including for the past 26 years giving corporate finance, capital raising and M&A advice to scores of Founders and CEOs of startup, small and middle-market private companies in a variety of industries. Almost without fail, the #1 question posed very early in any financial negotiation involving equity or debt in a privately-owned company starts with; "So, what are you worth?" and I've seen unprepared business owners learn the hard way that if you don't know where you stand, you won't know where you are.  

A business valuation does not create a number that guarantees what you will get in a sale of your business or equity. That value is determined through negotiations that often involve more art than science. But being prepared by knowing how your business meets standard financial metrics and knowing how your company's stacks up against the sale price of comparable businesses is an invaluable business negotiation and strategic planning tool. It's like a physical on your business to check on your vitals.


Thank you for considering Hardstone for your valuation needs.  Our cloud-based, on-demand business valuation portal from BizEquity® is state-of-the-art, and used to evaluate your credit  by many of the same financial institutions that you deal with in your business. The portal doesn't require any identifying information, including your company name, so the results can be as private as you'd like them to be. All the algorithm cares about are your numbers.   

​There is more information about me, Hardstone and my Wall Street career on my LinkedIn profile that you'll find if you click button below.  

Thank you and God Bless America,


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