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  • What is the process for ordering a Valuation Report?
    Your engagement starts with a free consultation with Tom McKiernan to discuss your valuation needs. On that call you’ll also get invoicing and payment instructions if you decide to move forward. Once payment is made you will get an email with login instructions to our secure Data Collection Portal. We will assist you throughout the secure data collection process will make it as easy as possible for you to provide all the information we need to initiate your valuation report. Email us at or click here to schedule your free consultation.
  • Will My Information Be Secure?
    Yes. As a new client, you will register to gain access to our secure portal. The portal will be used to collect information and provide your completed valuation report once it is ready. You will not send us sensitive documents and information over unsecure email. For returning clients, please log-in anytime to add or edit your information. You will be notified via email when your report is ready for download.
  • What format does Hardstone require for uploading financial information?
    FINANCIAL STATEMENTS - EXCEL FORMAT INSTRUCTIONS Financial statements (Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet) are to be provided in Excel format; otherwise, a $750 financial transcription fee will be applied so Hardstone’s staff can transcribe your financial statements. Provide the last five annual years of the Profit & Loss on one Excel worksheet and the same for the balance sheet. Here are the instructions for companies using QuickBooks. Customize your Profit & Loss Standard report and Balance Sheet so you can export it with a yearly comparison for the last five annual years. 1. Go to Reports. 2. Select Company & Financial. 3. Choose the Profit & Loss Standard report (we also need this for the Balance Sheets compared year by year in the same report format). 4. Click Customize Report. 5. Under REPORT DATE RANGE, select 01/01/20XX - 12/31/20XX* (for Balance Sheet this should produce column headers that say Dec 31, XXXX for each year). 6. On the COLUMNS section, select Year on the Display columns by menu). 7. Select OK. 8. Click Save as Excel. *Date range for the last five annual fiscal years.
  • Can I see an example of a P&L in the format you require?
    See below for an example of the Profit & Loss statement of a sample company for the last five annual years presented on one Excel worksheet. This same side-by-side column format is required for a company’s Balance Sheet.
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